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About Poland Railway

​Poland Trains is your online provider to the best train destinations in Eastern and Central Europe. Poland rail system has an extensive selection of high-class operators, that will serve your trip to Europe: Eurocity, Intercity, Pendolino. Booking train tickets online is a smart way to plan your trip.

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Poland Train Stations

​Poland has not only a rich historical heritage, stunning views, and sophisticated architecture. This country also boasts a fantastic service in all directions, including in the field of railway services. Modern, neat stations with all amenities inside and in the surrounding areas.

The stations have ticket offices, several ticket machines, waiting rooms of various comfort, service centers, toilets, and rooms for a mother and child. Within walking distance from the train station, there are shopping centers, transfer stops, parking lots, and historical sights of the city. The stations operate both to external destinations in Europe and internal destinations in Polish cities.

Train Classes

Is it possible to relax while traveling by train? Of course! These hotels on wheels are designed to enjoy every hour of the journey. Trains in Poland have types of seats for every taste, and meet the wishes of the most demanding travelers.

You can choose a democratic Economy Class, a 1st Class Superior Comfort Seat, or even a Business Class Seat for a perfectly relaxing trip. All trains offer modern amenities and stylish design. Comfortable surroundings and the professional staff will bring even more positive impressions to your trip. The best railway operators in Europe support your journey, so you can be sure that the trip will be at the highest level.

Poland Train Routes & Map

The geographical location of Poland is ideal for starting a trip to Europe. From the capital of Poland - Warsaw - you can explore the country on a high-speed train Poland both from the inside and beyond. For example, you can reach Royal Krakow or fabulous Gdansk on high-speed Warsaw-Krakow and Warsaw-Gdansk trains in just a couple of hours. And for longer trips, for example, to Berlin, Prague, or Vienna, you can choose the night train, and relax during your comfortable journey. You'll be satisfied with the flexible Poland rail schedule and affordable prices on Poland railway tickets.

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