Prague To Krakow Train

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  • 494 km
  • 6h 22min
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Prague Main Station



Kraków Główny Train Station

About Train from Prague to Krakow

Prague is a fabulous city with a thousand-year history and a unique ability to combine antiquity and modernity. Cobblestone pavements, gas lamps, tiled roofs, shady parks - everything here is imbued with the spirit of antiquity and grandeur. Modern urban culture adapts to a leisurely lifestyle: it is customary to go to farmers' markets with a basket and talk about the weather over a cup of fragrant coffee. Surrounded by legends, full of priceless monuments of architecture and art, and offering a variety of entertainment, the historical capital of Poland - the city of Krakow, whose center was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List more than forty years ago, fascinates at first sight. These two cities from different countries are so similar in their authentic atmosphere, and therefore a trip from Prague to Krakow by train is often recommended to experience.

One of the best ways to explore Poland and Europe is to travel by train. Comfortable and modern trains from the best railway operators in Europe will give you wonderful emotions from the trip. Traveling by train is also good for the environment because the train consumes less fuel, and carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere are 96% less than an airplane.

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Prague and Krakow are your must-haves when traveling to Europe. These two legendary cities will not leave you indifferent, and even more - they will remain in your heart for the rest of your life! Driving by train past colorful original villages, red houses, cornfields, and mountain slopes, you will see how luxurious Europe is and captivating its majestic views are!
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    The trip from Prague to Krakow is coming, and you still don't know what to see? The city's best places, gastronomic activities, visits to iconic architectural structures, and much more! Create your own journey, complete it with various experiences and directions according to your preferences, and get your perfect trip!​

Poland Trains Amenities

Wi-Fi and electric power
Safe transportation of pets
Shopping malls near railway station
Friendly staff

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Highlights of Krakow & Prague

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