Berlin To Warsaw Train

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  • 517 km
  • 5h 28min
    Travel Time
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Berlin Hauptbahnhof



Warszawa Centralna Train Station

About Train from Berlin to Warsaw

Berlin and Warsaw are cities that everyone should visit. Berlin is the abode of the best museums, galleries, theaters, clubs, bars, eateries, and other places of cultural recreation that will help you fall in love with this city. Warsaw is rapidly adopting the lifestyle of the freedom-loving capitals of Western Europe, especially Berlin. In their likeness, new establishments are opening here, art ​fairs, garage sales,  and techno parties are held. Berlin and Warsaw are separated by more than 500 km of mountain expanses, coniferous forests, endless and picturesque views of nature. The best way to admire the cultural, architectural, and natural gems of Europe is by train. Traveling by train is not only exciting, romantic, and classic, but also environmentally friendly. ​

When traveling by train, carbon emissions are 96% less than air flights. Also, thanks to the modern amenities of the train and professional staff, your trip will take place in maximum comfort. Trains from Poland are supported by the best railway operators in Europe, which guarantees a high quality of passenger service. You will be satisfied with the convenient and flexible booking of tickets for the Berlin - Warsaw train, high travel speed, as well as the convenience of trip planning - book train tickets from Berlin to Warsaw today! Do not keep yourself waiting - Europe is waiting for its travelers and is ready to show all the best, from Gothic architecture to traditional cuisine!​
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Poland Trains Amenities

Wi-Fi and electric power
Safe transportation of pets
Shopping malls near railway station
Friendly staff

FAQ: How to get from Berlin to Warsaw by Train

Highlights of Berlin & Warsaw

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