Trains In Poland

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Railway length
18,510 km/11,500 mi
Types of trains
high-speed, night & regular
Most popular route
Fastest train speed
291 kmh/181 mph

Train Types in Poland

A well-developed railway system in Poland offers international services including those to the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Sweden, Belarus, and Lithuania. Traveling by train is one of the most enjoyable and worry-free ways of exploring Poland.

Popular Trains in Poland

EuroCity (EC) Train

Train travelers who plan to travel extensively in Europe will probably use the EuroCity bullet trains, which are the most popular long-distance trains operating on international routes.

Pendolino Train

A modern tilting train and a honorable member of the Italian Railway Family, that is not only used within Italy, but also in many other countries.​

InterCity Trains

Getting from one fascinating location of the region to another swiftly and comfortably on an InterCity train (ICE) is the best way to explore the length and breadth of miraculous Europe.

FAQ: Train Types in Poland

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