Warsaw To Vienna Train

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  • 554 km
  • 8h 04min
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Warszawa Centralna Train Station



Vienna Hauptbahnhof

About Train from Warsaw to Vienna

Vienna is considered a city of music and art. ​Warsaw is a bright metropolis and the capital of Poland, attracting tourists from all over the world. It combines a rich architectural component and a modern flair and is the gateway to Eastern and Western Europe. In Warsaw, you will find many exciting things, from parties and exhibitions in the city center to fabulous Christmas fairs, from royal castles to military history and the role of Poland in it. Vienna is one of the most popular cities in Europe. The capital of Austria attracts gastronomic aesthetes with its culinary delights and restaurants, fashionistas with its shops, bohemians with theaters, opera, exhibitions, and museums. Brilliant composers lived and worked here: Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, and Strauss, as well as many famous artists who turned the city into a treasure trove of Europe. Apart from the aesthetics of these two magnificent cities, the path between Warsaw and Vienna is full of natural beauty. Amazing landscapes, mountain expanses, azure lakes, and authentic villages - all this will appear before your eyes when traveling by train. Pictures of landscapes will run through like a movie, while you will relax in a comfortable seat with a cup of fragrant tea or coffee. Poland's trains are incredibly comfortable. ​

Having all the necessary amenities for a pleasant trip, traveling from Warsaw to Vienna will be a wonderful experience. Your journey is supported by high-class railway operators in Europe, whose quality of service is at the highest level. You will also be pleasantly surprised by the flexible train schedule, affordable Warsaw to Vienna train price, as well as the high speed of your journey.
Moreover, choosing to travel by train, you discover Europe from the inside and take care of the environment. The train is the most safety-free and ECO-friendly high-speed ground transport. When traveling by train, carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere are 96% lower than during an air flight. Book train tickets from Warsaw to Vienna, and start your unforgettable adventure to Europe, adding more vivid travel experiences to your album of memories!
  • Tip
    Are you traveling to Vienna and then to Warsaw? Try Austrian cuisine, visit the opera, and explore the kings' heritage of Poland! Exciting? Expand the boundaries of your journey according to your preferences, create your own itinerary, and enjoy your dream vacation!

Poland Trains Amenities

Wi-Fi and electric power
Safe transportation of pets
Shopping malls near railway station
Friendly staff

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