Poland Train First Class

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Poland Train 1st Class Seat

Such Polish train coaches provide comfortable seats with enough leg and foot space, as well as electrical outlets. Traveling with pets is also possible. Accessibility for visitors with disabilities is also available. Additionally, you can indicate that you would prefer a silent car when making the booking.

All common areas on the carrier's trains, including surfaces, seats, handles, windows, tables, luggage compartments, bathrooms, and operator cabins, are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized. There are also restaurants and a bistro onboard for your convenience, along with the catering service that provides water and coffee. With the purchase of the ticket, you gain access to the DB lounges, along with the option of choosing to be in the silent car during the booking process.

First Class Services

Spacious seats
Electric sockets
Cozy foot/armrests
Media center
Opportunities for traveling with pets
Tea/coffee facilities
Opportunities for bike transportation

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