Kraków Główny Train Station

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Pawia, 31-154 Kraków, Poland
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About Kraków Główny Rail Station

​Kraków Główny Train Station is the main railway junction of the city, located in the Stare Miasto district. The station here was conceived at the beginning of the XIX century for the first time. The exact date marks the start of the railway service between Krakow and Myslowice. The author of the architectural project was Peter Rosenbaum. The style in which the station is built is attributed to the Neo-Renaissance. The Second World War brought a long occupation to the country and the city in particular. As a result, the Krakow railway station was considered German for six years (1939-1945) and even changed its name to "Krakau Hauptbahnhof."

At the beginning of 2012, a large-scale reconstruction began at the Krakow railway station. It was decided to add a lower, underground part, which will connect the station with other transport in the city. The construction was completed in February 2014, and this part was named "Krakow Nowy Główny." From Krakow, you can explore the best European destinations by high-speed train and Polish cities. Today Krakow railway station is a modern equipped station for passengers with any needs. There are 28 ticket offices, several ticket machines, waiting rooms of various comfort, service centers, toilets, and a mother and child room.
  • Tip
    The famous Steven Spielberg film "Schindler's List" was shot in one of the Jewish districts of Krakow - in Kazimierz. Also, many houses in the area are still decorated with stars of David. The atmosphere of that time exudes ancient synagogues, shops, and cafes offering Jewish dishes.

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