Gdansk Main Train Station

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Gdańsk, Poland
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About Gdańsk Główny Rail Station

Gdansk train station or Gdansk Glowny train station is the largest passenger station of the Polish city of Gdansk. The station building is undoubtedly impressive and so harmoniously fits into the architecture of old Gdansk. The building is impressive, made of red brick with expansive arched windows. The high tower of the station, decorated with a clock, can be seen from afar. The imposing and spacious Gdansk railway station was built between 1894 and 1900 in the so-called "Gdansk Renaissance" style. In the main station building, there are round-the-clock railway ticket offices, an information board, a waiting room, luggage storage, a 24-hour pharmacy, and a currency exchange office.​

Gdansk railway station also offers banks, shops, small catering outlets and restaurants, toilets, and family rooms. Free Wi-Fi is available at the station.​ Gdansk Central Station has an excellent location and facilities for a comfortable stay before you hit the road. In addition, there is a train from the Gdansk main train station to the Polish capital, Warsaw. Many travelers adore this destination, as traveling from Gdansk to Warsaw allows you to see both the Western architecture of Gdansk's once German city and experience the Eastern European flair of Warsaw.
  • Tip
    The railway station building in Gdansk was built according to the same project as the station in Colmar, France. Outwardly, they look like twin brothers. However, this is not the only case of borrowing an architectural project. For example, the Wedding Palace in the Japanese city of Imari was built in the likeness of the Gdansk central rail station.

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